Patrick Mendes | Associate Investment Advisor

Patrick Mendes is an Associate Investment Advisor at Mandeville Private Client Inc. (“MPC”). With over 28 years of experience at the Canada Revenue Agency and an undergraduate degree in Business Management from Toronto Metropolitan University, Patrick brings a wealth of expertise to his role.

Apart from his financial prowess, Patrick’s passion for his community is evident through his active involvement in local politics and volunteer work, where he is committed to making a positive impact.

Patrick’s decision to join MPC was driven by his dedication to providing clients with access to high-quality ‘Private’ investments, offering protection against stock market volatility and safeguarding their hard-earned capital.

Discover how Patrick can help secure your financial future and explore opportunities for sound investments. Connect with him today!

Direct: 416-618-9324

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1375 Kerns Rd | Suite 200 | Burlington | Ontario | L7P 4V7

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